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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Relocating to Bath

Bath is a magical place to live and being England’s only world heritage city provides an atmosphere hard to find anywhere else. Moving to Bath will open up opportunities to enjoy a fabulous lifestyle including some of the best concentration of high end shops. Having lived myself in London I believe Bath can compete easily with some of London’s famous shopping streets. But that of course is just the start, living in a beautiful city allows you to explore the quaint and sometimes quirky attractions at your leisure and of course you are a short distance away from stunning countryside. Bath is famous for the Roman baths founded by them some twenty years after their arrival and the buildings surrounding the spring and the facilities are of course a fantastic for the residents. (the hot springs were known about a long time before that by the local inhabitants we are led to believe.) The arts are an important part of the city’s life and some famous authors were resident such as Jane Austen, and taking the waters is described by Charles Dickens in one of his books. The Theatre Royal is over two hundred years old and an excellent place for a night out. We particularly enjoyed the family pantomime there before Christmas. There are many festivals for the family to enjoy ranging from film festivals to fringe to a literature festival as well as some for the grown ups such as the chilli festival and the beer festival. Sport is an important part of life in Bath and the rugby club is virtually in the centre of town with a loyal following and a season ticket is recommended! There is also the spectacular Bath cricket across the road. If you are moving your family then schooling is sure to be top of the agenda and Bath and surrounds can offer some excellent choices in terms of private education and state run schools within the city or a short drive. Transport to Bath is due to get a lot quicker in the not too distant future with the electrification of the railway to Paddington cutting the journey times to just over one hour, commutable distance for people needing to get to the city of London. Now is an excellent time to move to this Georgian city with its excellent transport facilities and activities everyone can enjoy and before the sales price start increasing on the back of a reported shortage of supply to local agents. We are here to help. Please call Michael on 07973146081.