Flats in Bath


Bath is a visually striking and historically beautiful city with a wealth of attractive amenitied and attractions. There are many different types of flats in Bath and apartments situated in crescents around Bath city centre that are well worth a view!

The availability of flats in Bath has been very busy this year and particularly so at the beginning of 2016 before the stamp duty on second homes was introduced. One agent said he thought the flat prices in Bath had gone up 10% at the beginning of the year due to the increased demand. There is thriving market for flats in Bath and is particularly kept going by first time buyers who have to compete with property investors or buy to let landlords. It is important to get to the front of the queue and make yourself heard.

We understand that property finding and relocation can be difficult and we aim to make the process as streamlined as possible for you. We can help you to seek the hidden gems of flats in Bath has to offer and our experienced team have unrivalled access to an exclusive network of contacts that can help source the perfect home for you and your family.

We are confident that with our local knowledge and professional network, our dedicated relocation team will help find the right Bath Townhouse or flat in Bath for you.


Bath is a beautiful city and the classic Georgian flat is a coveted item to many residents and second home owners.

There are many considerations to purchasing a flat; not least of which is you will be buying a leasehold which will need to be thoroughly checked by your solicitor, the lease will subject you to a service charge and ground rent which will need to be taken into consideration as well as the number of years remaining of course, together with any other constraints or obligations it may have.

Other issues can be the fact that there are not many lifts in the older buildings so it can involve a bit of a walk upstairs to the flat or alternatively you could look at a more modern building which has its own advantages.

The best location, one of the important considerations, is as central as you can get and preferably within walking distance of the train station. There are transport links that can take you into the heart of London although as Bath is a gateway city to the stunning West Country, this may well tempt you away from the city!

Bath is set in a valley of The Avon river and there are a few hills on either side, so our recommendation, if you can, is to buy in the centre with a flat walk into town. This is not always possible and the advantage of being further out from the centre is the possibility of a lovely view, these are sometimes worth paying extra for, and you can always catch the bus up the hill!


1. Know your customer! Choose an area which is in high demand. Think about the number of bedrooms that are most desirable for the rental market. Higher than average rents are usually a good indicator of an area that is in demand.
If you are looking to appeal to the family market then choose an area with good schools and enough bedrooms for the average family size.

2. Although it may take some time to recoop your investment, its worth re-decorating and sorting any major issues before letting your property. This will usually mean a higher rental income over time and a higher demand for your rental property.

3. Avoid carpet in flats as it quickly gets grubby and think about easy to clean interior solutions for the flat that will last well and be straightforward to maintain. Lino is inexpensive, tiles are an elegant durable option although they can prove pricey but hardwood or laminate floors can be noisy for neighbours up or down stairs. Loose covers work well on furniture and can be cleaned easily. Choose larger tiles in bathrooms to minimise mould on tile grout issues. Opt for a slighter darker tile and grout to show off a white bathroom suite. Cheap taps prove costly in the long run and it’s well worth investing in quality goods that will last for years.

4. Choose a proeprty that you can afford. City to Country can help advise you on the best areas to buy and which areas will generate the best return n your investment.