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Architecture in Bath

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

If there is one thing that Bath is known for amongst all the attractions that draw visitors and home owners alike to this wonderful city it is the architecture. Few places outside of London offer such a wealth of old and new, as well as residential and commercial properties that are so eye-catching and appealing. And this is a serious draw not just for the day-tripper; but also a family looking to move to the West Country and Somerset.

The appeal of architectural detail in Bath properties

As a Bath based property search agent this is one of the many conversations I have with prospective buyers all of the time and I never cease to be amazed myself with some of the beautiful properties that fit the bill perfectly for a family looking to move into the city.

Bath-A World Heritage Site

Bath is famous for the significant examples of English as well as Roman architecture and it is of no real surprise that the city became a World Heritage Site in 1987 because of it. Bath has an ability, like no other place in England, to draw public and private places together and create enchanting spaces and anyone who lives in the city will tell you how lucky they are to be a resident!

If you wander around the streets the architectural eye candy is truly astonishing: first on the list is of course the Roman Baths which is considered to be one of the finest historic sites in northern Europe. Then of course there is Robert Adam’s bridge which was built based on an unused design for none other than the Rialto Bridge in Venice – and is exceptional because it has shops built across its full span on both sides. Last but not least there is the wonderful Bath Abbey which was founded in the 7th Century and later rebuilt over the preceding 10th, 12th and 16th centuries. The history is truly staggering.

It doesn’t stop there either because some of the most important residential properties were designed and built into boulevards and crescents by John Wood. He was a Georgian architect and with his sons designed possibly one of the best known residential locations in the city, the Royal Crescent and the Circus. It is like walking through time if you have an eye for these sorts of things.

Down the ages Bath has constantly, architecturally speaking, reinvented itself and the influence of not only Roman but also Celtic, Saxon, Medieval and Tudor can also be seen around every corner if you look for it. This is understandably a huge appeal for someone wanting to move to the city and as a search agent that specialises in Bath and its surrounding villages and hamlets I am constantly being surprised by some of the stunning properties. 

Attractive Avon

Naturally, and not surprisingly, competition for the more desirable ones in the most popular areas is fierce and this is one of the many reasons why Bath property search agents tend to help would-be buyers enormously. Bath, as a city has so much to offer and not just architecturally speaking: all year round there are an array of cultural and sporting events and occasions to witness and with excellent road, rail and Bristol airport in striking distance the communications are very good.

Thankfully we are also blessed with some of the best state and private sector schools, many of which are housed in stunning buildings all built from the same golden coloured Bath stone. How lucky we are!