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Christmas in Bath

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

There is no question that relocating to a new part of the country is a big decision that is influenced by many factors and is possibly one of the most important choices you will make. However, if you have the right professional advice and guidance it needn’t be the worry you anticipate it to be and in fact the entire process can be made a lot of fun, providing everyone in the family with the opportunity to give their valuable input.

Of course, there are a variety of circumstances that will help you make your decision, not least the key ones based around work, schools and transport links; but equally important is what people do in their downtime and moving anywhere that doesn’t have lots to offer is hardly going to be an attraction.

At CitytoCountry we like to emphasise this point to our clients so that they fully understand every avenue will be explored by them and us to ensure the ideal home is found that caters for their every need. That’s why having expert knowledge of a particular area is so valuable and why we pride ourselves on knowing the City of Bath and its surrounding counties as well as we do.

So, here are a few ideas of what to do if you choose to live in or near Bath, one of the most popular cities outside of London, that boasts fantastic transport links and schools as well as a multitude of world leading businesses to work for:

Jane Austen tour

Essential for any fan of one of the country’s most famous authoresses.

Visit some of Bath’s iconic landmarks

In fairness any visitor or resident of Bath is spoilt for choice when looking around at the architecture and buildings. There is some serious eye candy on display!

Two Tunnels Greenway

A mile stretch of disused railway line running through Linear Park and into the Combe Down Tunnel eventually reaches the renovated Tucking Mill Viaduct. It is an incredibly atmospheric route for any cyclist or walker and is a must do if you want to have a quick burst of exercise and experience a truly enchanting journey.

Go for a wander

One thing Bath is well known for, apart from its history, shopping, stunning architecture and friendly welcome…are the beautiful parks it has on offer for you to walk about in.  Our favourites include Victoria Park (when you can also play mini golf or tennis) or, if you want stunning views of the City there is always Alexandra Park.

Movie magic!

Visit Pulteney Bridge to re-step parts of Les Misrables (2013) and visit the exact place where Javert met his downfall. Bath is a regular for various blockbuster movies and television shows, including Vanity Fair (2004), The Dutchess (2007), and of course Inspector Morse (1997).

Visit the Victoria Art Gallery and Holburne Museum

Both of these offer free entry to their permanent exhibits and include collections by Gainsborough, Turner and Zoffany.

Walking tour

These begin in the Abbey Church Yard, are free and visit points of historical and architectural interest.

Each tour lasts for approximately two hours and there is no need to book in advance. Perfect for anyone with limited time on their hands, who wants to see the city. These tours run every day of the year, excluding Christmas day – because, after all, even the guides need a day off!

Canal paths

But if you want something more than parks then there are always the canal paths to walk along. It’s easy to spot barges as you head out towards Bradford upon Avon and you can’t help but notice the two grand aqueducts built by the eminent engineer John Rennie. If that’s not enough you can always sit beside the weir at the Cross Guns and have a pint of the local Bath Ale.

Get a discovery card

With one of these residents can gain free access to the Roman Baths and Fashion Museum and means you will be able to marvel at them every day, all year round. A terrific way to avoid the daytime crowds!

In fairness this only scratches the surface of what you can do: sport, art and music also have lots to offer any resident regardless of age or if you are a fan or participant and in the next post we will take a look at some of these.