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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It used to be the preserve of the rich and famous with budgets in excess of £15m. But no longer because in recent years more and more people moving house on smaller budgets are making best use of property search agents. Some buyers, with £250,000 are even getting in on the act. A property search agent can help you find your ideal home which is of particular help in popular areas such as Bath where interest in property is on the rise.

Why is this happening? Well, for a raft of reasons but the most obvious ones being a scarcity of relevant properties that the buyers are chasing, along with a lack of time to search for a suitable house or flat themselves.

The rise of Property Searches in Bath and the South West

property search bath

The south west in particular has seen an explosion of interest in the past 10 years and property search agents in Bath have been at the forefront of this charge. But is it worth it? Yes it is says one mother of three children, who used a buying agent to help her find her dream family home in Bath.

“As a family we knew exactly the sort of house we wanted, but the estate agents didn’t appear to take us seriously”, she says. “After getting nowhere we found City to Country, a property search agent in Bath, who helped us buy a place we had already rejected because the photos on the particulars were poor and we felt there weren’t enough bedrooms. Our agent Michael pointed out we could easily extend the property and helped negotiate a reduction which paid for his fee comfortably.”

“This is typical”, says Michael Edwardes of City to Country, “People usually come to us after four or five months of looking having had no luck and are fed up hearing about people who seem to be buying the properties they want.”

The inside scoop on searching for a property in Bath

The golden egg is of course finding out about a property before it comes to market. Most agents talk about local knowledge, trade contacts, previous clients and either dinner party or doorstep gossip. In fact some agents have been tipped off by people ranging from the man who delivers logs to idle chat in a local pub. Regardless of where it comes from though this advantage is enormous because it allows a property search agent to steal a march on the competition and ensure their buyers get to see it first.

The sort of first-hand knowledge ranges from knowing the houses’ history right down to what it has sold for in the past, comparable houses that have sold recently and whether the house has sold quickly before or been a stagnant sale. This sort of knowledge makes the difference when it comes to negotiating on behalf of the buyer and is a large part of how buying agents can help their clients clinch the house of their dreams and save them money in the process.

Available industry databases of information coupled to an understanding and knowledge of how council planning works is also enormously helpful. This sort of information can help foresee a potential new development in the pipeline as well as warn you.

As a property search agent in Bath City to Country represents the buyer and not the seller, which is a very distinct difference that many would say levels the playing field. Being independent of the sale, having a local knowledge and understanding the geography as well as the potential pitfalls involved in buying a house all makes the process more painless and easy to navigate.