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Relocating to the Bath area can be good for your child’s education!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

There are of course a multitude of reasons why people relocate to Bath and the surrounding areas but generally speaking there are two main drivers behind them doing so: economic – either to find work or because of a job move, or social – because they want a different quality of life.

Using a Bath relocation agent

Social and personal reasons tend to be a big pull for people using a relocation agent and it is only when you sit down with one and begin to pick their brains that you realise how much local knowledge they have and how helpful they can be when it comes to deciding where you want to move to.

Not surprisingly education is a major social factor in the decision making process of families with young children that want to up sticks and move. In fact over 70% do it for this very reason and fortunately they are spoilt for choice when it comes to schools in and around Bath and the outlying villages.

Schools in Bath

For many years Bath has had a diverse and wide-ranging array of schools for parents to pick from in both the state and private sector. In January 2016 Tatler magazine, that exponent of British society, published its annual list of the best state schools in the country – and it included two schools in Bath.

Both schools, one primary and one secondary, are among 33 named in the magazine’s third annual guide to the best state schools in England: Weston All Saints Church of England Primary School was given a “gold star” rating and Beechen Cliff School made it onto the list of Tatler’s top secondary’s. Each of them was given Outstanding Ofsted ratings.

The magazine, which selected the schools after individual visits to each, said they all had “stellar exam results, charming well-disciplined pupils, inspiring teachers and a boggling range of extra-curriculars”. Some of the schools on the list have high-profile alumnae and the Bath-born winner of MasterChef: The Professionals 2015, Mark Stinchcombe, attended Beechen Cliff.

This is of course the stuff of dreams for any Bath property search relocation agent as well as families looking to move into the area. But let’s not forget that in addition there is a dizzying array of private schools to choose from, nearly all of which feature in the Good Schools Guide.

Good Schools Guide Bath

Three of the independent schools are given the top rating of five stars by the guide with King Edward’s School placed first, Royal High School second and Kingswood School third on the list.

There are many more schools to look at in the private sector and these include Kingswood Preparatory School, Monkton Combe School, Monkton Prep School, Paragon School and Prior Park College.

Looking at each of these in turn throws up some interesting points that are highlighted on each school’s website: Bath Academy focuses on a “personalised education”, King Edward’s on “a distinctive and stimulating environment for children from a variety of backgrounds”, Kingswood Prep states that they are “developing the potential of children…in an atmosphere of enthusiasm, enjoyment, and security.” Its senior school, Kingswood goes on to say it is “…situated in an idyllic location overlooking Bath. Excellent academic results, strong pastoral care, graded excellent in all aspects of its school inspection.”

Monkton Combe School is about “…setting standards for life – giving young people the qualities of character they need.” Whilst Paragon School says “It offers a broad curriculum taught in small classes by teachers with a real passion for their subject.”

Prior Park College is well established “…with a friendly, vibrant and talented community. Academic achievement is a vital foundation, although ‘success’ is defined in the broadest and most inclusive way.” Finally The Royal High School Bath GDST is “A dynamic and friendly community that celebrates individuality and nurtures intellectual and creative ambition. Students have access to wonderful facilities and enthusiastic and gifted teachers.”

Any property search agent in Bath would of course point you in the direction of these schools all dependent, of course, on your child’s ability. Importantly they would ensure that you lived within striking distance of them so that the ‘school run’ doesn’t turn into the nightmare journey that it is for many parents.

Bath has so much to offer its residents in so many ways, but what must rank high on the list are the amount and quality of outstanding schools.

For more information please contact Michael Edwardes via email or a member of the relocation team and we will be on hand to offer that local knowledge that is so valuable when relocating to a new area.