Bath Townhouses


Bath is a visually striking and historically beautiful city that has culture, quirky boutiques and a choice of restaurants for the foodie in the family.  The Georgian townhouses situated in crescents around the city centre are simply breathtaking. Worth a view, even if just for a weekend away, although we will warn that you may just be tempted!  

Bath property is as unique as the city itself and centrally located city centre property is of particular appeal to our clients (although the charms of the surrounding countryside also proves a significant draw).

Whether you are looking for waterside townhouses, stunning period apartments or a character filled townhouse property, Bath has it all. The proximity of a wide variety of local amenities (transport and trains, cafe culture, shops and restaurants) as well as many cultural events and attractions may well tempt you into the city of Bath. From there you be well situated both at the gateway of the West Country whilst still providing great transport links into central London.

We understand that property finding and relocation can be difficult and we aim to make the process as streamlined as possible for you.We can help you to seek the hidden gems that Bath has to offer and our experienced team have unrivalled access to an exclusive network of contacts that can help source the perfect home for you and your family.

We are confident that with our local knowledge and professional network, our dedicated relocation team will help find the right Bath Townhouse for you.


A townhouse is a type of medium-density property, usually but not necessarily terraced (row housing) or semi-detached and a modern townhouse is often one with a small footprint on multiple floors. The term originally referred to the city residence of a member of the nobility, as opposed to their country seat.

Historically, a townhouse was the city residence of a noble or wealthy family, who would own one or more country houses in which they lived for much of the year. From the 18th century, landowners and their servants would move to a townhouse during the social season (when major balls and drawing rooms took place).

In England most townhouses are terraced. Only a small minority of them, generally the largest, are detached, but even aristocrats whose country houses had grounds of hundreds or thousands of acres often lived in terraced houses in town.


After the Second World War, large townhouses/terraced house in British cities were often divided into flats or converted into offices.

In the early 21st century this trend was reversed to some extent, partly because there is less demand for old houses as offices, since open-plan layouts are preferred, and partly because the number of very rich people in London has risen. For marketing purposes British property developers and estate agents often call new city terraced houses “townhouses,” because of the negative connotation of terraced housing. The aristocratic pedigree of terraced housing is widely forgotten.

Typically located in historically beautiful areas, townhouses prove the perfect compromise for those families that love the convenience of a smaller city or large town combined with country living.


1. Most townhouses are between 2-4 levels with living space on the 1st floor. If you are not prepared to climb stairs to get to your bedroom, this may not be the property for you!

2. Townhouses share common walls so consider the neighbours as well as the surrounding area before buying a property.

3. Before making an offer, walk round the neighbourhood at different times of the day.

4. OR we can do all the hard work for you. PLease contact us on 01225 325 859 for all your Bath townhouse needs.